A healthy research volunteer is a person with no known significant health problems who participates in a clinical research study to test a new drug, device, or intervention.

Research with healthy volunteers is designed to develop new knowledge, not to provide medical benefit to the healthy volunteer.

The purpose of the healthy volunteer registry is to match potential research volunteers with current or upcoming clinical research studies at the NIH Clinical Center.

Joining the healthy volunteer registry is free of cost and you can cancel your registration at any time.

To join the healthy volunteer registry, you will be asked to provide basic information including:

  • your contact details
  • your characteristics and health
  • permission for us to share your information with the clinical research study teams.

If you are a potential match for a study's requirements, the clinical research study team may contact you.

The NIH may compensate healthy research volunteers for their time and, in some instances, for the inconvenience of a procedure. You can inquire about the compensation rates when you are contacted by the clinical research study team.

The NIH reports compensation of $600 or more to the Internal Revenue Service and sends Form 1099-Other Income to healthy research volunteer at the end of the year.

Under U.S. law, compensation may be garnished by the U.S. Treasury if the research volunteer has outstanding debts to the federal government.

The NIH does not know if a research volunteer has an outstanding debt to the government and is not told when the U.S. Treasury garnishes compensation. The U.S. Treasury will notify the research volunteer directly in this instance.

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By signing up, I agree to have my information included in a registry of individuals interested in being contacted about future research studies. I understand that I may be contacted in the future by phone or email about taking part in a study at the NIH Clinical Center. I understand that being included in the registry does not require that I participate in the research study.

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